Welcome to LandMachinery

LandMachinery is specialized for buying and selling of new and used machines for construction and public works.

LandMachinery works in the whole world market in import and export of eart moving machinery.

90% New Machines
75% Used Machines
99% Machine Parts

Our Mission

The "LandMachinery" is specialized in the purchase and sale of new and used machines for the construction industry, as well as other accessories and parts.
Those responsible for the "LandMachinery" with a great experience in the national and international market, with youth and dynamism that characterizes, coupled with experience, basis for the objectives of development and expansion of the company.
The "LandMachinery" offers on your web page, www.LandMachinery.pt, a large number of used machines of various brands, with regular updating of the listing of used. The main objective is to find appropriate solutions to always needs of its customers.

We have an integrated and quality service, providing ongoing monitoring and complementary services, such as helping with the transportation option with the purchase of the machines.
The "LandMachinery" in the search for the energizing and transversally of all your activity, markets want new or wants used equipments, having a support section to its clients with the marketing of new and refurbished parts, as well as trade in other essential accessories to your customers activity, since buckets, quick couplers, rippers, forks (outriggers), hydraulic hammers, shears, demolition grippers, wood tongs grippers, screeners, crushers, etc.
The "LandMachinery" above all be up to the demands of its customers looking for satisfy them with the best and most modern equipment, looking for a one-to-one relation price/quality very competitive.
We await your contact to request for quotations and other additional information.
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